Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tellico Village Broadcasting.

» How do I watch TVB on my Smart TV

Click on this to watch a video with complete instructions on how to set up most Smart TV’s to connect to TVB and other websites.

» May I ask TVB to record a remote meeting or event?

Yes, you may request us recording an official event, but Tellico Village Broadcasting limits producing video recordings to the controlled environment of our studio for the following reasons:

  1. It is a controlled environment for optimum video and audio production.
  2. The script is mostly prepared and facilitates an efficient and informative program.
  3. The participants are physically comfortable and at ease.
  4. Dialog can be easily recorded; re-recorded, and/or eliminated as needed.
  5. Postproduction editing is facilitated.
  6. A brief informative presentation will be viewed more often than a lengthy disorganized event recording.

» Where does Tellico Village Broadcasting get its funding?

Tellico Village Broadcasting is funded by the Property Owners Association.

» How do I volunteer?

You may obtain information about becoming a volunteer by contacting Tellico Village Broadcasting at contact@tellicovillagebroadcasting.org; or by visiting the station on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

» How does our organization/event get an interview on your channel?

We welcome opportunities to spread the news about your organization and/or event.

Contact us by email or call 865-458-9917 for details.

» How do I get our event on your calendar?

Here are the steps to submit a bulletin request:

  1. Go to our website:  http://www.tellicovillagebroadcasting.org
  2. Click on Submit a Bulletin
  3. Complete the form
  4. Click Submit

» Where is the station in the village?

Tellico Village Broadcasting studios are located at 210 Chota Road in Tellico Village.

We are upstairs in the Public Safety Building.

» How much does it cost to put an announcement on your channel?

There are no costs related to any services provided by Tellico Village Broadcasting.

» Do you live stream the Board meetings?

Presently, Tellico Village Broadcasting does not video tape or live stream any meetings.

Monthly video programs summarizing important meeting facts are recorded in the studio by committee representatives.

» Do you allow advertising?

There is no advertising on the Tellico Village television station. We are a non-profit organization supported by the TV Property Owners Association. Our mission is to provide programming and bulletins exclusively for residents, visitors, and other interested persons.

» How do I get my club listed on the website?

To have your club or organization added to the list on our website, send the name of the club and the website address (URL) to contact@tellicovillagebroadcasting.org